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Wealth and Capital Markets Blog wrote a new blog post titled We Might Need to Reconcile

Just got back from the FTF Sec Ops Conference in Boston. Front-to-back asset management work flow was the main focus of the conference with some of the largest asset managers represented but also well represented by smaller AuM AMs. It is amazing the range of technology that covers the buy side, from cutting edge fintech to AMs with less cutting edge technology that are still parsing faxes. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong here; remember in business there are never problems just issues to be solved! The major observation here is that while fintech players, as well as...
(799 days ago)

Wealth and Capital Markets Blog wrote a new blog post titled Liquidity and Collateral: getting the blood to flow again

Cash is a dirty word for some cultures, but not for financial services, on the contrary. But I am not talking about the old images of the stingy bankers holding on to their $ bills or about Scrooge McDuck. Banks, custodians, CCPs, CSDs and exchanges are the financial institutions that enable the exchange of cash for securities, the movement of cash between bank accounts, the securitization of cash, the transformation of cash into collateral. Without these markets players entire economies cannot function: they are the safe and resilient pipes and the pipe operators that enable companies to...
(802 days ago)

Wealth and Capital Markets Blog wrote a new blog post titled Should Asset Managers Pay for Shelf Space?

Last week a wealth management firm announced it would stop selling Vanguard mutual funds, though clients of the firm can still add money to existing Vanguard investments through 1Q18 and purchase Vanguard ETFs. Like many in the investment industry, my first thought was that this firm did this because Vanguard does not pay for the distribution of its funds (aka “shelf space”).  This week that same firm told InvetmentNews that they decided to stop selling Vanguard mutual funds because they are trying to treat all asset managers the same.  In this case, the argument is...
(837 days ago)


Our industry is undergoing rapid changes: new regulations, adoption of advanced technology, and major changes in investor behavior. Almost every day there is a new disruptive element which impacts the market. The astonishing level of uncertainty, noise, and volatility is almost impossible to address solely through our research reports.

Fortunately, our analysts have strong viewpoints on these “flavor of the day” discussions and their likely impact. We have a lot of experience, and we have seen numerous trend waves that were supposed to soon become tsunamis but eventually hardly filled a cup of tea. We’ve also seen small, pioneering solutions became must-have technology almost overnight.

Traditionally, Celent’s Securities & Investments analysts share their views on new trends with our customers on a one-to-one basis. Today, we expand this approach by launching a blog. This will also be a place to share summaries of what we’ve learned and heard during the myriad of industry conferences we attend. We expect this blog to be a place for debates and creative thinking.

Please do not hesitate to share your views and challenge our analysts with your comments. We believe that discussion benefits the entire community. Our subscribers can continue to expect our insightful and detailed research reports on a regular and exclusive basis. The Securities & Investments blog is intended to supplement this with some fresh, informal thoughts and discussions. We believe our clients and other industry participants will appreciate the opportunity to connect with our analysts.