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Short Description: A real-asset alternative investment blog

Address: 30 Harborough Road, Kingsthorpe,

City: Northampton

Country: United Kingdom

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Joined: February 4th, 2012


David Garner wrote a new blog post titled Portoflio Diversification - Downside and Risk

Portfolio Diversification – Risks and Downside As pension funds and large endowment funds continue to reduce exposure to traditional listed equities in favour of alternative assets, many Investors and Financial Advisors are also reconsidering their asset allocation strategies in order to spread risk, reduce volatility and capture superior returns, whilst also reducing the correlation of their investments with financial market performance. In this post we look at some of the downside of portfolio diversification in order to present well-rounded view for the average investor....
(2631 days ago)

David Garner wrote a new blog post titled Investing for Income in 2012

Investing for Income in the Current Economic Climate Investors with an immediate requirement for income are seeking alternatives to traditional financial market investments. As low interest rates combine with high inflation, volatile financial markets and economic uncertainty on a global scale, Investors and Financial Planners are reducing their exposure to equity markets in seeking out alternative assets capable of replacing lost investment income. Here we look at the importance of income generating assets as part of a diversified portfolio. Featured Members Resource...
(2634 days ago)

David Garner wrote a new blog post titled Real Asset Alternative Investments

Genuine alternatives to financial investments are considered to be ‘real’ or ‘hard-asset’ investments. Immoveable property such as real estate, farmland and timber properties are considered to be viable alternatives to financial assets, and moveable property like gold bullion, fine wine and rare stamps are also considered to be genuine alternative investment assets. Login or Join as a Free Member of our website for access to our market-leading Alternative Asset Class Analysis Reports and carefully selected investment opportunties. Featured Members Resource...
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David Garner is a Partner at real-asset alternative investment boutique DGC Asset Management Limited. DGC provides investors with access to market-leading asset class analysis in the real-asset investing space, and identifies hard-asset investment opportunities for Members and Clients based on the acquisition and operation of tangible assets with little or zero correlation to financial markets.

DGC have successfully identifies profitable investment transactions in agriculture, forestry, renewable energy and collectibles, having delivered a portfolio of 8 high performance investment projects for Clients since 2007.

Alternative investment projects delivered by DGC have raised over $40 million, and facilitated the acquisition, development and profitable operation of property assets including farmland, timberlands and renewable energy assets.