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Brief description: News and Comment on Innovation within the Capital Markets

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Rob Daly wrote a new blog post titled Hyperledger Ramps Up Efforts

Hyperledger Ramps Up Efforts The newly minted executive director of the Hyperledger Project, Brian Behlendorf, managed to speak with Markets Media to discuss the status of the open-source distributed-ledger initiative and shared his thought on the year ahead. The Daly Post
(1175 days ago)

Rob Daly wrote a new blog post titled Getting the Blockchain Blues

Getting the Blockchain Blues I spent the first part of this week attending CoinDesk’s Consensus 2016 blockchain conference in Midtown Manhattan. It was a great event with good content and a huge audience. However, now I’m¬†having a post-blockchain crash. (It’s like the crash after a sugar high, but more forgiving on the teeth and waistline.) Yes, blockchain will change… The Daly Post
(1207 days ago)

Rob Daly wrote a new blog post titled CAT Reaches Next Milestone

CAT Reaches Next Milestone After four years of waiting for the self-regulatory organizations to submit their plan for the Consolidated Audit Trail, the Securities and Exchange Commission unanimously approved to release it for comment. In the next few days, the plan will appear in the Federal Register and the SEC will have 180 days from then to select a… The Daly Post
(1215 days ago)


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