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The studio environments allow you to add your specially constructed content to the site for use by yourself and/or others.

Studio environments provide a more rich content delivery in the form of visulisations, data processing and data than those provided elsewhere on the site. The Widget studio enables you to contribute your own constructed widgets for deployment into the profile and/or dashboard. The Service studio enables you to describe data services (raw data such as reference data or data processing/derived data such as analytics) which can be accessed on the platform by widgets or other services or off of the platform using our API. Like all other content on the platform these are subject to your access control settings and thus can be shared with a limited audience or the world.

Using the studio environments, technical novices and experts can contribute value added visualisations, data processing and data for their own use and share this with on and off site users.

For information on how to develop web services using our Studio feel free to check out our API guide here.

A directory of site services usable via our RESTFul API can be found under the 'API Site Services' sub menu on the left hand side. For each service an XML WADL description is also available.

For more information or assistance contact our studio development team @ [email protected]{}

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